Your Tribe Affects Your Vibe

Brent Osborne
2 min readNov 26, 2015


With 2016 looming in the distance, this is the time of year when I start to analyze all of my relationships. During this process, so many thoughts run through my mind. But one question constantly reignites in my brain: “Are there people in my life who should be cut out?”

As I get older, my inner circle has certainly decreased in size, but greatly increased in value. It is all about quality over quantity.

I have learned that you have to be mindful of the company you keep. Emotions are contagious and the people who you surround yourself with will greatly influence your values, your attitude, and your happiness.

The people you surround yourself with will create the environment in which you will either thrive or dive.

The world is filled with awesome and inspiring people. But it’s also filled with naysayers and cheaters. Be sure to choose your circle with care.

And while you can give everyone the opportunity to be a member of your tribe, only share your dreams and aspirations with those who value them as much as you do.

This Thanksgiving, be sure to thank all the people in your life who matter — the ones who remind you everyday that you have value beyond comprehension. Thank them for their love that, by blood or by the bonds of friendship, will always be there.

So, thank you to my tribe — the people who I can sometimes take for granted but whom I could never live without. I love you all.