That phrase has echoed in my mind hundreds of times throughout my life. Most of the time, it’s in the voice of my mother, grandmother or Nanny. If there was anything they always did — whether I wanted them to or not, they told me so.

“You should bring an umbrella, it might rain today,” my grandma would alway say as I rushed out the door. “What is she, some kind of meteorologist?” I’d ask myself. Every time she’d say that, I would leave the umbrella behind in protest. And every time, it would pour.

“I told you so.”

Eat something before you leave, hunny,” my Nanny would say anytime I left her house. I wouldn’t. “Why would I eat right now? It’s only 2pm,” I’d say to myself. Nonetheless, three hours later I’d find myself starving and missing out on Nanny’s cooking.

“I told you so.”

When I was in 4th grade, my so-called friends convinced our teacher that I had been using swear words. Although we were friends for a few years, my mom never really liked them. “You should branch out and meet some new friends,” she’d always say. As I sulked in the classroom that day watching all the other kids on the playground, I heard it in the back of my head…

“I told you so.”

So, to my mom, grandma, Nanny, aunts, and the many other motherly figures I’ve been blessed to have in my life: Thank You. Thanks for every “I told you so” you’ve uttered. You were always right.

Although this year feel’s different, let’s use the day for what it’s for… to just sit and laugh and love, today, in the now. From 6 feet apart, that is.

Sending big hugs to those who mourn on this day. I love you all.

Happy Mother’s Day.

Summer Camp Enthusiast.