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  • Tacklebox


    We help founders with full-time jobs validate their startup before they quit. The posts are tactics we use. http://gettacklebox.com

  • Phil Johnson

    Phil Johnson

    Cartoonist. Former Dave Letterman joke writer. Yinzer. Proud girl dad, twice over. Beer drinker. Pizza lover. He/him.

  • Next Visions

    Next Visions

    There’s more to Porsche than sports cars // #NextVisions is a platform about smart technologies and the people that drive our digital journey.

  • Dad 2.0

    Dad 2.0

    Where marketers, media, influencers, experts, and parents discuss and define modern fatherhood.

  • Jessica Powell

    Jessica Powell

    Technophile, technophobe. Music software start-up founder. Former Google VP. Author, The Big Disruption. Fan of shochu, chocolate, and the absurd.

  • Chris Bergen

    Chris Bergen

    Award-winning manager | Top Writer in Leadership and contributor at The Startup, The Helm and more | I’m into 80’s metal, Sci-Fi and Fitness 🤟🏼

  • William Belk

    William Belk

    https://www.webfun101.com — https://apps.shopify.com/partners/william-belk

  • Andrew Post

    Andrew Post

  • Maddy Sakin

    Maddy Sakin

  • Sam Sandler

    Sam Sandler

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