Are you ready to be relevant AF? As I gear up for another summer at camp, I’ve spent the last few days unofficially canvassing a handful of teens.

I’m finna spill the tea on some top-shelf slang, and legit, you need to get woke or skurt, okurr? Here’s the low-down straight from the source.

Don’t @ me
Not caring about other people’s opinion on something you just said, especially when it’s potentially controversial.

Agreed, the new version of “word” or “fo-show.”

Overreacting in a negative way.

Curve / Swerve
The act of ignoring or avoiding someone/something on purpose.

When someone is acting suspicious or shady.

A group of people considered family. Commonly used with

orta secretive, aka keep it on the down-low.

Used to express something that is relatable.

Big mad
Extremely mad, angry.

Pissed, bitter.

Send it
Just do it, aka YOLO.

Took an L
Facing a loss, failure.

Refers to a traumatic or angry experience, used jokingly half the time.

Get This Bread
Let’s go make some money.

Throw Hands
To fight or argue.

How It Be
It is what it is.

Weird Flex, But Ok…
Used when someone humbly brags about something irrelevant or not that impressive, but is still valid.

Hard Facts
Essentially telling the truth in a brash way.

Receipts / Collecting Receipts
The act of gathering evidence of a person’s hypocrisy, often pulled from past social media posts or text conversations.

Another way of saying “seriously?”

Being aware of current affairs, most often used in a political manner.

Succeeding at something exceptionally well.

When someone is euphorically happy.

Someone who is both a and a(not literally) of an individual, typically a celebrity

A shortened form of

When someone has had one too many compliments and is full of themselves.

Used to reference the most responsible friend in the group.

A combination of and Often used to describe an individual’s character.

To smooth things out and make better.

A way to show excitement or agree.

To reject something because it’s no longer trendy or relevant.

Bible / On God
Used to confirm what a person says is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. It’s also a way to get someone to stop lying.

Thank U, Next
Used to reference something that helped you grow but no longer serves you.

A party or festive gathering. Can also be used as a verb to mean celebrate or share gossip.

Left on read
Refers to someone reading your text and not replying to it. Could also be used to describe someone intently ignoring someone in person.

P.S. While doing my research, I was reminded just how much pop culture originates in minority communities, particularly black and LGBTQ culture. Stay woke, my friends.



Summer Camp Enthusiast.

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